Ramadan and Oral Health

Ramadan & Oral Health

To help clear all doubts about undergoing dental procedures and maintain oral hygiene while fasting, We will focuses on what dental providers and fasting patients know about Ramadan.

Can You Brush Your Teeth or Floss While Fasting?

You can always brush and floss thoroughly before sleeping at night and we recommend brushing after Suhoor.. Brushing twice daily is sufficient for oral disease prevention.

Can You Use Mouthwash while Fasting?

Mouthwashes are commonly prescribed by dentists as an adjunct to oral hygiene. Some patients may be reluctant to use mouthwash for fear of unintentionally swallowing some. If this is the case, you can use it outside fasting hours as advised by your dentist.

Does Going To Dentist Break Your Fast?

All dental work including fillings, tooth extraction, root canal or any other procedure should not break your fast as long as you do not swallow water.

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