Project Description

Orthopedic Surgery

Al Fuad Medical CenterOrthopedic Department encompasses a wide range of diagnostic, therapeutic, and surgical interventions focused on musculoskeletal health. Orthopedic consultations and diagnostic imaging aid in identifying various conditions, while treatment options include fracture care, joint replacements, arthroscopic surgery, sports medicine, and physical therapy for rehabilitation.

Pain management techniques, orthotic and prosthetic services, and specialized care for hand, spine, pediatric, and geriatric orthopedics are also provided. Orthopedic services address trauma care, osteoporosis management, and tumor and infection treatment, ensuring comprehensive care for patients of all ages and conditions, promoting mobility, function, and improved quality of life.

Our Providers

Our Services

  • Initial assessment and examination to diagnose musculoskeletal conditions and injuries.
  • Treatment and management of bone fractures, including casting, splinting, and surgical intervention if necessary.
  • Treating sports-related injuries and providing rehabilitation for athletes to return to their sport safely.
  • Designing and implementing therapeutic exercises and rehabilitation programs for musculoskeletal conditions and post-surgery recovery.
  • Offering various pain relief techniques, including medication, injections, and other interventional procedures.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of spinal disorders, including non-surgical and surgical options.
  • Specialized care for musculoskeletal issues in children and adolescents.
  • Managing orthopedic injuries resulting from accidents or trauma.
  • Diagnosing and providing treatment options for osteoporosis to prevent fractures and improve bone health.
  • Involves the application of genetics to medical care, including research on the causes and inheritance of genetic disorders, and their diagnosis and management.
  • Implementing comprehensive rehabilitation programs for orthopedic conditions and post-surgical recovery.